Welcoming White Back into Your Wardrobe

Though many sported winter whites this past winter, you still have probably heard in the fashion world that you should hold off on wearing white after Labor Day. In the past for proper fashion etiquette, one had to wait until Memorial Day to throw on that beloved white dress or to jump into that favorite pair of white jeans.
With Memorial Day right around the corner fashionistas who abide by said rule are eagerly waiting for May 30th to break out their whites. Here are a few helpful hints for wearing whites:
White on white: There’s no such thing as too much white! For a fun and chic look layer those whites. White jeans with a white blouse paired with white accessories is absolutely acceptable this season.
Suiting: Rather than sticking to your day to day black or navy suit, consider switching things up a bit with a white suit or blazer. If you think a white suit jacket and white pants is too much, pair your white blazer with a pair of colored pants. This will bring a fun flare to your work wardrobe.
Accessorize: If dressing head to toe in white isn’t something you’re comfortable with, add a statement piece. Accessories such as fun shoes, flashy clutches or chunky necklaces that are full of bright and bold colors create a fun look. If you are comfortable with the monotone look, accessorize with neutral and nude colors that blend well with your whites.
Whether you took a fashion risk and wore white this winter or if you held off for the warmer months, we can officially say you are now free to wear white however you may choose.
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