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The EarthCare Advantage

EarthCare Cleaning Systems ® is our commitment to using the most advanced environmental practices and technologies; without sacrificing results. Customers can rest assured that we clean all garments with high quality, natural solutions and soaps that break down naturally in the environment and are gentle on clothes. You can see, feel, and smell the difference with EarthCare Cleaning Systems®.

Green Cleaning

As part of our commitment to being green, we have added GreenEarth® technology to our cleaning expertise (other areas of our cleaning expertise include Eco-Solv, wet cleaning, and hand cleaning). GreenEarth® technology is available at our Braintree and Wollaston locations and by request in our Dorchester, Newbury Street, and Brookline locations.

GreanEarth® is one of the most environmentally safest dry cleaning solutions available. GreenEarth® Technology provides the following benefits.

  • It is pure and gentle on clothes and Skin but tough on dirt and stains
  • 100% odor-free
  • Non-allergenic & non-irritating
  • It naturally breaks down into sand, water, and carbon dioxide. This means no air, soil or water pollution.

Dependable Cleaners uses high quality, recyclable dry cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, gentle on clothes and most importantly, effective in cleaning garments.

Recycle Cleaning Solutions

We us technologically advanced machines for maintaining and recycling cleaning solutions. These new, more efficient machines use less cleaning solution and less energy. This process ensures great results while leaving your garments smelling fresh.

Energy efficient

We use energy efficient boilers and dry cleaning machines to conserve energy in our plants.

ZeroCarbon Wedding Gown Preservation

We have partnered with the, as members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, to continue our commitment to earth friendly practices.

The is the leading nonprofit carbon offset and climate solutions organization.  They have calculated the carbon dioxide emissions generated by our Museum Care™ gown cleaning and preservation and determined a donation amount that offsets those emissions.

Biodegradable Soap

We wet clean garments using biodegradable detergents to keep your garments looking like new while still helping to maintain the earth.

All Natural Starch

We use natural cornstarch, not synthetic starch. Natural cornstarch is gentle on sensitive skin without sacrificing that crisp “just pressed” look.

Recycling Hangers and Garment bags

We have developed recycling programs so customers can easily recycle hangers and plastic garment bags. Customers are provided hanger recycling carriers in order to make recycling as easy as possible.

65 years
I had a cherished baby blanket that had been used for five generations. Dependable Cleaners beautifully restored it. - John B
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The first rule of stain removal is patience; the most important thing is to not damage the garment.

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